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Microprocessor and Interfacing-Osmania University Question Paper-2012-2016

Previous University Questions
Microprocessor and Interfacing
1.     Write the differences between 8085 microprocessor and 8086 microprocessor? May/June2016-2Marks,
2.     List the interrupt signals in 8085 microprocessor? May/June2016-2Marks
3.     Write an ALP to display digit 7 at the output port01? May/June2016-2Marks
4.     What are the rotate instruction in 8085 Microprocessor May/June2016-2Marks
5.     Draw the STA Timing Diagram- May/June2016-3Marks
6.     Write an ALP to transfer data from (10bytes) XX50 to XX90- May/June2016-3Marks
7.     Write Four differences between Microprocessor and microcontroller- May/June2014-2Marks, May 2013-2Marks, - May/June2012-2Marks
8.     List the Addressing modes of 8085 with examples for each- May/June2014-3Marks, - May/June2012-2Marks
9.     Explain about the DAA instruction of 8085 microprocessor- May/June2014-2Marks
10.  Draw the flag register of 8085 and write the function of each flag with example- May 2015-2Marks
11.  List the four primary operations commonly performed by the MPI.-Dec 2013-2Marks
12.  What the SIM and RIM instructions in 8085MP—Dec-2013-2Marks,May/June2015-3Marks
13.  What determines whether a microprocessor is considered an 8,16,32 bit device. —Dec-2012-2Marks
14.  Identify the Number of machine cycles and T states for STA2050H—Dec-2012-3Marks
15.  Register B has 93H and accumulator holds 15H illustrate the following  -- May/June2012-3Marks
16.  Define instruction cycle, machine cycle and T-state May/June2012-3Marks
1.     Describe the Addressing Modes of 8085 Microprocessors with examples. May/June2016-4Marks,
2.     Explain data transfer and arithmetic Instructions of 8085  Microprocessors with examples- May/June2016-6Marks,
3.     Write an ALP to sort N numbers- May/June2016-5Marks,
4.     Write an ALP to find the largest numbers in an array- May/June2015-5Marks,
5.     Draw and describe the Timing Diagram OUT 01H instruction- May/June2014-10Marks, May/June2012-10Marks.
6.     Write an ALP program for sorting list of numbers in descending order using subroutines- May/June2013-5Marks.
7.     Explain the internal architecture of 8085 Microprocessors -Dec2013-10Marks. May/June2012-10Marks.OR
8.     Explain 8085 Microprocessor functional block diagram- June2014-10Marks
9.     Explain the pin out of 8085 Microprocessors -Dec2012-10Marks.OR
10.  Draw the schematic pin diagram of 8085 MP and explain the various functions of 8085MPU- May/June2013-10Marks
11.  Draw and describe the Timing Diagram IN instruction- Dec2012-10Marks.

1.     List the Interrupt Signals in 8085 microprocessor. (3M)May/June-2016,May/June-2014 Dec-2013,May/June-2102
2.     Match the following:
8255  Programmable interrupt controller
8279  Programmable Interval Timer
8254  Programmable peripheral interface.
8259  Programmable keyboard/display controller.(3M) May/June-2015
3.     What are the various registers used in 8259.(2M) May/June-2015
4.     If the memory chip size is 1024* 4 bits, how many chips are require to make up 2K(2048) bytes of memory.(2M)Dec-2013
5.     What is a stack and write applications of stacks.(2M) Dec-2013
6.     Identify the port address in fig(2M) Dec-2013
7.     Write the format of status register in 8257(3M) Dec-2013
8.     Write a code to display digit 4 at Port 01H(3M) May/June-2102
9.     List the subroutine instructions of 8085.(2M) May/June-2102
10.  Draw the format of the mode set register of 8257.(3M) May/June-2102

1.     Discuss the stack and subroutine concepts with examples.(5M) May/June-2016,April/May-2013,Dec-2012
2.     Describe the 8257 DMA controller with a neat diagram.(10M) May/June-2016,May/June-2015, April/May-2013
3.     Write short notes on D/A converter of 8085.(5M) May/June-2016
4.     Explain about stack of 8085 with PUSH and POP Instructions.(5M) May/June-2015
5.     Explain about the programmable Interrupt controller 8259A.(10M) May/June-2014,Dec-2012
6.     Write short notes on A/D converter of 8085.(5M) May/June-2014
7.     Write short notes on JMP and CALL Instructions of 8085 microprocessor(2M) May/June-2014
8.     Explain 8085 vectored interrupts.(5M) April/May-2013
9.     Explain about the 9085 vectored interrupts(5M) Dec-2013
10.  Explain the interfacing of DAC and ADC(6M) Dec-2013

1.     Write short notes on RS-232 C.(3M) May/June-2016, April/May-2013,Dec-2012, May/June-2102
2.     Explain about the control word format of 8255 PPI in I/O mode.(3M) May/June-2014
3.     Write control word Register initialization instructions for the 8255A PPI to set i)port A as an output port in mode 0 ,ii)port B as an output port in mode 1 for I/O iii)PCU as an O/P in mode 0.(3M) April/May-2013.
4.     List out mode in keyboard and display controller 8279 interface (3M) April/May-2013.
5.     What is key bounce, Explain different key bouncing techniques? (3M) April/May-2013, Dec-2013
6.     How many types of errors are there in serial communication(3M) Dec-2013
7.     Show the formats of mode word, command word and status word of 8251(3M) Dec-2013
8.     Define BSR mode in 8255.(2M) May/June-2102
9.     Compare memory mapped I/O and Peripheral mapped I/O.(3M) May/June-2102

1.     Draw and explain about the functional block diagram of 8255A (10M). May/June-2016, May/June-2015, May/June-2014
2.     Write short notes on 8253 interval timer of 8085(5M) May/June-2016
3.     Write short notes on USB.(2M) April/May-2013.
4.     Write short notes on modes of 8251 PCI (2M) April/May-2013, Dec-2013
5.     List and explain the modes of 8254 Programmable interval timer(5M) Dec-2013
6.     Explain the procedure foe interfacing keyboard to microprocessor and draw the block diagram of 8279, programmable keyboard/display interface device.(6M) Dec-2013
7.     Write the modes of programmable interface 8255 PPI(4M) Dec-2013
8.     Discuss the function of 8279 with a neat diagram.(10M) May/June-2102

1.     List the addressing modes of 8051 microcontroller.(2M) May/June-2016, April/May-2013.
2.     Explain the importance of bit addressable memory in 805.(2M) May/June-2015
3.     Write an 8051 assembly language program to move the contents of external program memory to register R4.(3M) May/June-2015
4.     Show how LCD is interfaced with 8051 microcontroller Diagrammatically(3M) May/June-2015
5.     What are the interrupts available in 8051 microcontroller and their priorities(3M) May/June-2015
6.     Explain the programming model of 8057 microcontroller with diagram(5M) May/June-2014
7.     Explain the internal RAM organization of 8051 with the diagram(5M) May/June-2014
8.     Discuss the criteria for selecting a microcontroller device (2M) April/May-2013.
9.     Explain the 8051 standard registers(2M) Dec-2013
10.  How interrupts are handled in 8051 microcontroller? Explain(2M) Dec-2013
1.     Explain 8051 stepper motor with a neat diagram.(5M) May/June-2016
2.     Explain the 8051 DAC with a neat diagram.(5M) May/June-2016
3.     Explain about the functional block diagram of 8051 microcontroller (10M) May/June-2015.
4.     Explain 8051 micro controller architecture and pin diagram along with memory organization (10M) April/May-2013, Dec-2013
5.     Write a program to implement subroutines in 8051 microcontroller(4M) Dec-2013

1.     Write difference s between 8085 microprocessor and 8086 microprocessor.(2M) May/June-2016
2.     Write about Flags of 8086 microprocessor.(3M) May/June-2016, May/June-2014
3.     Write the registers of 8086 microprocessor.(2M) May/June-2016, May/June-2015
4.     What are the advantages memory segmentation in 8086 Microprocessor.(2M) May/June-2015
5.     Explain the branch prediction logic of Pentium.(3M) May/June-2015
6.     What are the advantages of using segment registers in 8086 Microprocessor.(2M) May/June-2014
7.     Write differences between 80386 microprocessor and 80486 micro-processor (2M) April/May-2013.
1.     Discuss the features of advanced microprocessor of 80386,80486 and Pentium Processor.(10M) May/June-2016
2.     Explain about the features of Advanced processors.(10M) May/June-2015, May/June-2014
3.     Explain the addressing modes of 8086 Microprocessor. Explain with examples(10M) May/June-2014, April/May-2013
4.     Explain the memory management of 80386.(5M) April/May-2013
5.     Write short notes on real mode and protected mode in Pentium processor(3M) April/May-2013

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Comparison of 8085 and 8086 Microprocessor

       8085 is 8 bit microprocessor whereas 8086 is 16 bit microprocessor.
2.Address Bus:-
      8085 has 16 bit address bus and 8086 has 20 bit addres bus.
      8085 can access upto 2^16 = 64 Kb of memory whereas 8086 can access upto 2^20 = 1 MB of memory.
4.Instruction Queue:-
      8085 doesn't have an instruction queue whereas 8086 has instruction queue.
      8085 does not support pipelined architechture whereas 8086 supports pipelined architechture.
6.Multiprocessing Support:-
      8085 does not support multiprocessing support whereas 8086 supports.
7.I/O:-8085 can address 2^8 = 256 I/O's and 8086 can access 2^16 = 65,536 I/O's
8.Airthmetic Support:-
      8085 only supports integer and decimal whereas 8086 supports integer, decimal and ASCII arithmetic.
9.Multiplication and Division:-
      8085 doesn't support whereas 8086 supports.
10. Operating Modes:-
      8085 supports only single operating mode whereas 8086 operates in two modes.
11.External Hardware:-
      8085 requires less external hardware whereas 8086 requires more external hardware.
      The cost of 8085 is low and 8086 is high.
      13.Memory Segmentation:-

In 8085, memory space is not segmented but in 8086, memory space is segmented.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Microprocessor Lab Internal Viva Questions.-2016

1.     Define Microprocessor

2.     Explain the 2-key and N-Key rollover feature of keyboard design

3.     Draw the control word of 8255:BSR AND I/O Mode

4.     What is stack.What is the use of stack in subroutine.

5.     Define Microcontrollers

6.     Define Machine cycle,Instruction cycle and T-state

7.     Define Memory mapped I/O and peripheral mapped I/O

8.     Define DMA.

9.     Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontrollers

10.  Define Addressing Mode. Write the Addressing Modes of 8085/8051

11.  write the format of status register and mode set register in 8257

12.  .List the various registers in 8085/8051?

13.  .what are SIM and RIM instructions in 8085MP

14.  .What is keybounce?Explain different key bouncing techniques

15.  .Define PIC.How an interrupt can be handled using PIC

16.  Define Flag.Draw flag register of 8085/8051

17.  Show the formats of modeword, command word and status word of 8251

18.  List out the mode in keyboard and display controller 8279 interface

     19.  List and explain various modes of 8254 interval timer

     20 Define Interrupts.How interrupts are handled in 8085/8051

      21 Classify the interrupts of 8085/8051

     22.Define Addressing Mode. Write the Addressing Modes of 8085/8086/8051

23    what are SIM and RIM instructions in 8085MP